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Last September I was in Bangkok to work on a story about women as motorbike taxi drivers. While it was published in the German media in the meantime I will take the chance to post the whole series of portraits here in the following weeks…

Motorbike taxis are a common means of public transport in the urban chaos of Bangkok. Organized in groups, so called “Win”, like the arms of an octopus they reach out from the main roads to bring their passengers deeper into the maze of smaller roads, the “Soi”, where no other public transport (Skytrain or Buses) go.

While driving a motorbike taxi is usually a male domain, there is one group of motorbike taxis that is known as “Win Pak Daeng” or “Win of the red lips”. More than 20 housewives, most of them married to soldiers work here together to earn some extra cash for the family household.

Despite occasional moments of discrimination or even harassment through male clients all of the women are very proud to be part of this group and enjoy the work. The great level of independence they have being their own boss is probably the major reason for them to brave the cities burning sun and tropical rains every day again. Being amongst friends is another one.

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