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I confess it has been really really long since my last blog entry… a lot has happened since then in terms of my photography career. Specifically 2 months back I finally made the step to jump into the fulltime freelance life of a documentary photographer in Southeast Asia, which so far has been exciting – and also it means I don’t have any excuses anymore not to blog… while surely more interesting stuff is coming up, for now I just like to share a few cool shots that I took at the “Soul of Vietnam” show at Saigon’s Opera house – here you see a few background scenes of the “Hai Ba Trung” – the legendary two sisters that defeated China in the past.

I was walking through downtown Bangkok when I had to stop for a moment… there was an amazing mixture of sounds. An old Chinese looking man was playing the Violin, not a real song yet deeply sad. Out of loudspeakers at the next shopping mall every minute the same announcement in Thai was repeated. The Skytrain rolled in. I took a deep breath in the hot and steamy Bangkok afternoon, got touched by a slight breeze… and then I started recording and shooting at the same time…

This is the result.

Bangkok – Siam Square – May 2011 from Christian Berg on Vimeo.

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This Video was shot on a recent roadtrip from Saigon, Vietnam to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Even though shot 2011 I intended to create a nostalgic feeling through color grading and the soundtrack by Khmer singer Ros Sereysothea (​wiki/​Ros_Sereysothea) who is believed to be killed by the Khmer Rouge after 1975.

This is the first video I shot on a Canon 5D Mk2, but for sure there will be more to come!

Phnom Penh Trip 2011 from Christian Berg on Vimeo.

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Khmer Psychedelic Rock Band DENGUE FEVER will release their new album”Cannibal Courtship” on April 19th.

Ever since I saw them life in Saigon in May 2010 they are one of my absolute favorite bands…. at times there can be no better soundtrack for life in Southeast Asia…

Here a video I found on youtube from their gig in Saigon last year:

For me their music is a perfect example of Transnationalism (any “Modern Asia” student reading this????) in our ever shrinking world. Replaying old psychedelic Khmer tunes that have themselves been influenced by American surf rock by a band from the States with a Cambodian Singer… The tunes travel around the globe, get remixed and at the same time becoming richer and richer by picking up many different influences.. simply fascinating!

Here a preview and some background:

The first Single of their new album can be downloaded for free on their webpage – and here it is:


PS: What a lucky coincidence that I just got a message from a friend who brought me a Khmer retro poster from the Russian Market in Phnom Penh – Cheers Jan, I definitely owe you some beers!!!

PPS: @DengueFever – Please come back to rock Saigon!!!!!

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Last weekend the band Dengue Fever came for 2 gigs to Saigon. A rare chance to witness world class live music in Vietnam. Dengue Fever is a an american-cambodian band that basically plays 60s Khmer psychedelic rock…. check it out: